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Hi, hope ya can help me...

What's the tune that's played thru Karen Cisco promo?

Thank in advance!
Did you check the information I posted in the Weblog (there's an article with some info, linked in the post)? There's a song by the Isley Brothers that was/is used in relation to KAREN SISCO -- but I don't know if it's the one you are looking for...

I did check the page you mentioned; this tune sounds to me very 70's, with some groovy keyboards.

It doesn't sound to me like the Isley Brothers ;)

Thanks Michelle!
Somebody told me it might be Green Tomatoes. I'm having a hard time finding the music for that. I agree that it's not the Isley Brothers song. What could it be?
You mentioned this music was in a promo -- I assumed it was just heard the one week you asked about it. Have you heard it again in another ad for the show since? Can you describe more what the music is like -- man/woman, any lyrics, etc.
If you watch ABC I'm sure the commercial will come on again. It's just music, not words. I believe it's from the late 60's.

Yesterday I saw another TV ad running the same tune, this one is from American Airlines, it features people talking about what they need/want, etc. and you can hear it on the background.

Sorry Michelle, no voices/lyrics, maybe the song has it, maybe don't :)

I'm checking the one you mentioned "Green Onions"...

thanks guys!

Found it ;P !... lotta thanks to all of ya guys --and specially Michelle.

I'm listening to it while writing this note, no singing thou, just a very funky piece of muzak, very groovy !!



Wow.. that's one of those songs ya hear your whole life and know by heart but can't name to save your life. Thanks for that, I learned something new today. (And just in time, it's 11 pm and I've done nothing to enrich my life all day. ;) )