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hi i was wondering if anyone knew that song on the new kaiser commercial for thrive.....it has a really good beat...i was just wondering so could someone please reply?
I've been seeing one that has Bob Dylan singing lately. Can't remember the song at the moment but it'll come to me or someone before long. ;)
no not that song....it has a beat to it....its kinda a new song...its on the thrive commercial that shows street signs like ''hope st''.....and signs like ''were open'' and stuff like that.
It's Postal Service - "Such Great Heights"
It has lyrics that start out "I am thinking it's a sign, that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images...", but the commercial doesn't have the words at all, just the beat. Great song.
HI all cool board with lots of great info!!
I"ve already searched thru the board and this appears to be a brand new ad(maybe started airing the 1st of aug?)
Anyway it's a new Kaiser ad with pictures of various street signs and a nice beat in the background. I think I've heard it before on MTV2 a while ago but I haven't found any info from google yet. Any idea would be awesome! thanks:)
Kaiser has launched four new ads in the, the second half of the "Thrive Campaign." One of the ads features "The Times They Are a Changin'" by Bob Dylan. Is that the one you are referring to?
Wait, so both the Postal Service version and the Iron & Wine cover of that song (for M&M's) are in commercials that are airing now? That's gotta be first in TV history.

I just can't place the song on the new Kaiser commercial. it's really good and i have no idea what it is. it doesn't have words in the commerical and it has a lot of bass about a quarter of the way through.
Please help
I saw one the other say that was Such Great Heigths - Postal Service is that the commercial you were talking about...
What's the name of the song/artist in the Kaiser Permanente ad where it is just images of places where people aren't working? One is a closed store, another an empty field? I've heard the song in the background but can't place it. They just use an instrumental element but I know there are lyrics.

That tune is 'Such Great Heights' from teh album Give Up, by The Postal Service...

...great song, there was a faster remix of it used in an M&M commercial over the summer.

I have been seeing a commercial for the Kaiser Permanente which simply shows still images of different things in some random town. The music on it, is electronic, and it's very minimalist. It's simple and it has a repetitive sound to it. Sounds like something Bjork might have borrowed once '_' Can Anyone help me? This is driving me nuts ><