Jose Cuervo Ad


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I'm pretty sure the song was done just for the ad, but i'm putting it up anyway.
It's an old ad for Jose Cuervo Tequila.

See the ad here.

(RealMedia, MPEG)
Are you sure? :unsure: It works for me.....

All the ads are on the same page, so it you are still getting the Icebreakers Spearmint ad, scroll down, about a page or so.

WHat browser are you using?
I don't even get any ads ... just a blank, white page.

<--- Mac OS X, Safari
it was a long page with big blank space between ads. that's probably what you are seeing. :(

i have removed the blank spaces, so now you should be seeing all of them on the same page. if not let me know.

(try refreshing the page and scrolling up/down if necessary)
there was no content, so no scrolling...

anyway, i see the tables now with the different options for the ads.