John Doe

Can you describe the song? Genre, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc?
hello again sorry there are no lyrics and i am not familiar with genres

all i can tell u is that it is the opening theme playeed in the episodes of JOHN DOE
By "genre" I mean: Country, rock, pop, classical, techno, electronica, classic rock, metal, rap, hip hop, etc....
Yes, PLEASE, SOME-body.... I too would love to know where to get this song. Great show too, I'm not sure why it never took.
By the way, if there are any fans of the new show Prison Break on Fox, the guy who apparently was set up (the brother) was the star of John Doe.
I'm looking for the ending song of episode 1 of John Doe. The lyrics went something like this:

"Oh no I see, spot away tumble in me, I lost my head though of all these cheapest things I said"

Its a guy with a soft voice singing.