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I know the original is a Doris Day classic but I heard a new rendition in Joan of Arcadia I think but it could have been in Karen Sisco. Does anyone know who did this cover?
I couldn't find the song listed in episode guides for either show, but that doesn't mean much since the sources aren't complete...

anyway, try the covers project. they list songs that have been covered.
I found it there thanks! It was Sly and the Family Stone.
"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" by Bryan Ferry, and the song can be found on his album "Taxi," available at! :)
Friday night's ep of Joan of Arcadia--

what was the song playing at the end when Joan and Adam were dancing?

i cannot find this anywhere. none of the fansites or forums or official websites have any info on it and i was just hoping someone had happened to recognize it from somewhere?
Hi there. I'm new to this board, and I'm a big fan of JOA! I can't wait for the new season to begin - but I can't complain about the current re-runs! :D

Well, I believe the song that was being requested for is "2 Become 1" by Jewel... I remember this particular episode but I'm not 100% certain about the song.

I remember they used to announce the names of the songs and artists featured on the episodes right? Anyway... if you guys know what song it does turn out to be, do share! Thanks alot!


edited to clarify: err, after a little searching on the web, it seems the song in question is "Tell Me" by Andrea Martin - which is not commercially avail! :(

Gosh, I really hope they release JOA on DVD!
Hey To all,
I did a little hunting, cause i liked the song, also, that Adam and Joan were dancing too, and the song is, "What's Your Name" by Morcheeba feayuring Big Daddy Kane.
I don't know if anybody had already figured that out and just hadn't posted it, but i thought i would just incase, so here you all go (mostly "bothsidesnow", cause i know you asked)
Well that's all
Hey everyone, long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out.....I was watching the Joan of Arcadia season premiere tonight, and I really dug the song that aired right before the show broke for commercial (before the ending credits). It was a female singer, but I didn't notice CBS putting up a "Tonight's episode contained music by...." advertisement at the end - instead it was just a plug upcoming shows.

If anyone else heard the song and can identify it (or the artist), I'd appreciate it.

There were two songs one sounded like Maroon 5 when Grace and joans brother were kissing and then there was anoher one that sounded like Avril Lavinge. Anyone know?? Thanks!
I've found the following so far:

Avril Lavigne "Take Me Away" Audio sample available through link, track 1. Also available from .
Nelly Furtado "Try" Audio sample available through link, track 4. Also available from .
Music featured in this episode included: Take Me Away by Avril Lavigne Secret by The Rosenbergs The Never Saga by Kara's Flowers Holiday by Ariel's Worm Live In Stereo by Newsboys Loving The Small Time by Kara's Flowers (Instrumental) by Laurence Juber Tumbling After by Starfield How Does It Feel by Avril Lavigne Rewind by Pillar Guess I'm Doin' Fine by Beck Try by Nelly Furtado

Hopefully what you are looking for is in the list. It looks to be in order of appearance in the show B)
This question is about Joan Arcadia show aired Oct. 1, 2004; can anybody tell me the name of the song (and the singer) that was played at the end of the show just before the credits? It is a female voice...
List of music from episode:

Light Up by Moxie Zig Zag by Ben Arnold
Candles Are Lit by Jeff Lingle
Straight Up & Down by Move.Meant
The Price You Pay by 33 West
Long Distance Lover by Babtunde Olatuni
Celebration by Kool & The Gang
Champion by KJ52 featuring DJ Morphiziz
Pink Lemonade by Jeff Lingle
Word Up by Korn
Damage by Mutlu
I Might Be by Lauren Hart
Can't Be Long by The Enablers

edit to add: I just read that the last song is indeed "Can't Be Long" by The Enablers, but isn't available on anywhere yet.
It was the backround music in the art show gathering, it had a women sing the lyrics "oh lawdy (spelling?) troubles so hard, no one knows my troubles but god" and those lyrics was repeated a few more times. Any help is great, Thanks.

I'm hoping someone can help me here.

Watched the April 8th episode of Joan of Arcadia. There was a song playing in the background towards the end that I'm trying to find.
It's a guy singing, with a little bit of a gravely voice. The one line I can remember for sure is "Desperation made me do"

I checked the official sites, but none of the ones they have posted sound right. Maybe I'm just missing it?

Thanks for any help! :)
Are you talking about the last song played when Joan was talking to Adam? If so what you're looking for is Pilate's Alright.
Joan of Arcadia Season 1 Episode 3

hey everyone---

i just wanted to know the song at the end of the episode "touch move" (Season 1, Episode 3) of Joan of Arcadia. here is a video::

it starts at 4:42-to the end. please let me know thanks in advance!