Jingle Bells


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Every year i hear this one version of jingle bells, like on the radio, in stores and now ive even heard it on Tv. It was a home stuff commercial, and the jingle bells had an old 50's style sound to it, like a few girls and a guy (very Dean Martin sounding) but the thing with thing song is its kind of stuttery.. like they go "Jingle bells, jingle bells, j-j-j-j- Jingle bells!" its Odd... I know alot of people have heard it (especially being almost Christmas) so if anyone could help me out it would be appreciated.

There is a really annoying version called "Jingle All The Way" by Lena Horne. She stutters along while she sings it...it's brutal. :sick: That's gotta be the one~
The one by Lena Horne was more jazzy than the one im looking for.

But I just found a link to the song i was talking about in a flash video thing..

Check it out here

Im sure someones gotta know this song!

Okay, I actually do know the answer to this one! :) It's "Jingle Bells" by Bing Crosby featuring the Andrew Sisters. It's Track #7 when you click the link.
Jingle Bells Muzak Breakbeat/Big Beat

I was walking through Bloomingdales last night and I heard on the radio a break beat/big beat mix of Jingle Bells. It sounded like the classic Dean Martin-esque guy singing "Jingle Bells" but then there was like a big beat drum track remix over and the voice kept on getting broken. It sounded awesome! It sounded Rob Dougan-esque in a way. I asked the gentleman and the store and he said it was provided through the normal Musak channel, so he had no listing. Any ideas?