Jimmy Neutron

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Ok, so i haven't grown up yet... :rolleyes: anyway... for those who have seen the commercial to that new jimmy neutron movie... the one where the gang has to play an inter galactic game contest thingy or their planet gets blown up? well towards the end of the commercial theres an opera type music thats played in the backround.

i dont have a link to the commercial and i dont have a digital camera to capture it in case it comes on again... but to anybody whose seen the commercial or catches it later on could you please tell me what the opera type song that plays towards the end is and who the composer is? please... that music is awesome!!! :D
It's not that hard to find a link. Unless there isn't one which is kinda hard to believe. :unsure:

That way those of us who haven't seen the commercial can give a listen.........and maybe an answer. ;)
i cant find a link anywhere... probably because its a tv movie only, not a theatrical realease but ill try to find one somehow.
Hmmmmmmm. Tv movie huh? Ok I'll look for one too then. What network?
Is it BOY GENIUS that they're gonna run or something else?
Well I've found out it's called "Win, Lose or Kaboom"

Maybe they'll run it again. Do they have an online schedule?

Then you can watch for ads...
My son has made me watch this movie many times over the last few days. I have it on tape so I will check for you on the credits. However if I remember correctly at the begining there is someone credited for the music, so perhaps it's something specifically for the film. I'll get back to you on this soon.
Okay i found a link! :D but it doesn't seem to work for me :angry: , my modem is a bit crappy... anyway i read that the link is open between 4pm and 10pm so now with that in mind can anyone now identify the opera type song towards the end of the trailer. PLEASE!!! must-have-must-have :blink: ! Thanks.