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anyone know the song in the jc penny commerical, in which they show a girl's room and they grow up through time.....

the song goes something like this..........something something's a good life
a female singing, sorry i forget the rest of the lyrics, thanks in advance!
Might be able to help if you can give me the following info (any or all of it)

What is the ad for? Clothing, jewelry, general sale? etc.
What are the first words spoken in the ad? (No worries, this is weirdly specific I know.
Around what time did you see the ad? How long ago?
How long is the ad? 10/15/30/60 seconds?

Lemme know and I'll try to track it down for you.
JC Penny had several ads on tonight during the Academy Awards... I'm assuming this is the particular time frame during which this ad was seen.
Aha! We've got a guy coding those as I sit here, might be able to come up with something by morning.