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Hey, does anyone recognize the song that's playing through the last Jack Daniel's ad? It has lyrics like "strong like a stone...", but a Google search doesn't come up with anything... I can't remember the content of the commercial, but that's the lyrics to the song... it sounds vaguely country-ish.
I don't know either. But hopefully someone will post who it is :blink:
I would love to know this one too....

It's a very alt/country blooozy kinda vibe. But the lyric was strong as a stump...not stone...Pretty sure.
From memory I think there is a line that goes 'Engine down the tracks." in this song. The internet is so chock full of crap that this matches a lot of songs. I hope I can catch the commercial again to verify this.
Its not King Krimson, they suck. This isn't late 60's crappy prog rock.
Defintiely not King Crimson.

It's more of a rough and tumble, Wilco, alt country with copious amounts of Bourbon kind of vibe.

Strong as a stump?

That's the only lyric I can make out
I think I recognize the singer's voice: Alex Chilton.

He's a legend. Formerly with the Box Tops in the '60s and Big Star in the '70s, he's been performing with his own band for the past couple of decades.

I had the "pleasure" of working as an opening act for him at a club in Cambridge, MA back in the late '80s (he's not the most pleasant person to be around at times) and I can attest that he's pretty fond of his Jack Daniels. The club's booking agent showed me his concert rider (an addendum to a contract that specifies amenities like food, drink, clean towels, accomodations, etc.): yup, plenty of Jack for Alex and his band.

I'm not saying that he's a lush or anything. He's a boy from Memphis who loves his sourmash. It wouldn't surprise me if he licensed one of his songs in return for a semi full of JD.

I did do a Google search on "strong as a stone" + Chilton and came up empty, but I know that voice. If it ain't Alex Chilton, it's his long-lost twin brother.

Saw an earlier post on this on with no answer. Did anyone ever find out the name of the song heard in the Jack Daniels commercial? Someone thought it was Alex Chilton- couldn't find anything there. Tried the phrase "strong as a stump" and couldn't find anything there either. Hope someone has found out just what this music is. Thanks.
The reply refering to Alex Chilton has to be the longest post with aboluetly nothing useful contained in it.

It isn't Chilton or Big Star - who are in fact touring again - and I wll be booking them soon in Boston.

Glad to hear you once played in a band = do you purhapse imbibe JD prior to your post? :p
Strong as a stump? No one would write "strong as a stump." A stump isn't strong anyway. If it were strong it would still be a tree.

Actually, I've been hearing it as "strong as a star." The preceding line ends with the word "fire," does it not? So.. a fire burning strong as a star makes some sort of sense to me.

Nevertheless, a google search using that lyric also comes up empty.

I'm making it my mission to find this out. Maybe this is their way of generating "buzz."
yeah I tried Googling the lyrics, but all i ever come up with is Christian songs....
I still hear Strong as a stump. Although your point about a stump not being strong as some merit - I would venure to guess you never tried to remove a stump. Tought little muther fuckers. Don;t ever kick one either.

Now would I write a song about it? Nope. Does fire and star make a bit more sense? yup. So does strong as a stone. Which is kind of like a stump, but in a rock like way ;-)

There both imoveable without dynomite.
Nope not Jane's Addiction - there is a current JD commerical that has that song - but not the one in question.

The lyrics are strong as a stump (or stone) something about an engine moving down the tracks etc....

It's driving me INSANE!!

Okay. I retract my statement that stumps can't be strong. I stubbed my toe on one last weekend.

Wait.. stong as a stub? hmmm. No.

Maybe it's strong as a stud.

Yeah the biggest problem with this mystery is that everybody keeps saying it's Jane's Addiction. Of course one of the ads is... but not this one.

Strong as a strobe?

Try doing a search for strong as a star and suddenly you're in creationist land.

Strong as a Stroh's?

Strong as Strom Thurmond?

I'm on the wrong track.
You're killin' me LOL :D

I am lost as well brother. Stump, Stoned, and dumb as a 2x4 stud.

I'll keep on it!
I e-mailed Jack Daniels about this and they told me all the music for their campaign was done by Matt Pence. Obviously with the Jane's Addiction ad that's not 100% reliable so I don't know if they're just talking about the instrumental stuff in their ad campaign or everything but the Jane's Addiction commercial.

Anyway, Pence is a music producer primarily. He's worked with South San Gabriel and Centro-Matic among others. Though I only heard it once, I think the commercial tune might be a Centro-Matic song. Hope someone else can take this info and find out for the rest of us.