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I'm not sure how many people here use the iTunes Music Store, but it's a very easy way to preview songs that are mentioned here. Perhaps, in addition to the links after every entry on the main page, another link to iTunes (an itms://...) link could be added. Clicking on it will open iTunes and take you to the Music Store and highlight the song in question. It's pretty easy to make these links: just go here and enter the song/album/artist you're looking for. When you find it, click on the arrow and it will give you a link to the song.

Just a suggestion. ;)
Thanks for the suggestion. relies on referrals made through links to Amazon, which explains why we exclusively use them.
Plus, the iTunes library still has a way to go - there are a lot of songs/artists/albums they haven't been able to license.

I'm sure you'll be seeing more links to iTunes in the long run, however. (Unless the record companies are able to push through their plan to raise the prices of online songs by $2.00 or more.)