Is there a song for the chorus in Mr.Jinx?


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im fealin dat chorus in mr. jinx but im wonderin if dares a song for the chorus or is it just for mr.jinx?
What is "Mr. Jinx" -- is it the name of a TV Show?

Is it just the name of a song? Who is it by?

If you're asking about songs from the radio, you should be posting these questions in General Discussion.
it was on the assistant the first episode its called Mr. Jinx and its by Quarashi............ i was aksin if the chorus is from another song
Is this the same song you were looking for in your other thread on the same episode?

Edit to add: I listened to a sample with the chorus and I don't recognize it. I haven't found anything on the chorus being sampled from another song. Usually in the writer credits in the liner notes for the CD, they should have that kind of information though... :unsure:
Elo sings the chorus but i just want to know if theres a song for the chorus