Into the Blue

Hey does anybody know the rock song in the Into the Blue trailer? Thanks
Thanks for posting that - wow quite a while ago, Sophist! Great job, as always!

Just saw the trailer on E! Online and this movie looks good! IMDB says it's going to be released in the U.S. on September 30, kind of the end of the summer season. That Josh Brolin looks like he'll play a great bad guy!
thank you soooo much. i didnt see that post.
well, u were a great help. ive been looking for that everywhere.
at the beginning of the second trailer, they use the song from Sin City that Nancy stripped to
It's track 19 on the soundtrack called Absurd
Does anyone know the song in the beginning of the first "Into the Blue" trailer?

There was a rock song used in the trailer for this movie starring Paul Walker and Jessica Alba, anybody know who sung it and what song it was?