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I saw this commercial today during DOOL :lol: but the lyrics were a woman singing "sweet sweet baby I think maybe you're the only one for me" if anyone knows, thanks!
I just heard a song in a commercial for the new NBC show "Inconceivable." It was a woman singing about having a baby. It was very upbeat. Sorry I don't have any more details I have only seen it the one time.
I keep seeing the commericial on NBC for that new show this fall called "Inconceivable". They keep playing a song in the background that I really like...but i have no idea what it's called or who's singing it. Anyone know it or know how I can find out who/what it is??? Thanks!
I keep seeing the commercial for the new show on NBC called "Inconveivable", but i have no idea who's singing that song. Anyone heard it and know what/who it is???
can't say for sure, but it almost sounds like a cover of the macy gray song sweet baby...
I checked the Macy Gray song "sweet baby", and that's not it. Thanks, though. I'm still tryin to get at least a title so I can find the's getting frustrating! They wouldn't put a song on TV for a show and not have a way to find out what it is, right??
I saw the promo tonight and caught a few more lyrics:

Sweet, sweet baby
Stay with me
You're the only one
Sweet, sweet baby

You should keep on eye on the NBC website for the show. There was a promo for an episode of Medium that premiered back in March or so. No one could find any info on it but after a few weeks, not only listed the title and artist but also hosted it.
I've been looking all over the place for the very same thing! I've been seeing the preview for the new show "Inconceivable" and I've been searching all over the net trying to find out the name of the song and who sings it. It has the words "sweet sweet baby" in it I least that is what it sounded like in the commercial preview. Has anyone found out the name of the song yet and who sings it????? I'm dying to find out. Thanks.
Does anyone know who sings the theme song for Inconceibable? I think it's entitled "sweet sweet baby". Thanks
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The song is done by Angie Featherstone, but the album hasn't been released yet and I don't know when it will be.
This hasn't helped because Angie Featherstone brings up nothing about music or an album. I feel for all of you, because I too am losing my mind trying to find out who, where and when to get this song.
Any more info about Angie would be greatly appreciated!
The artist is Michelle (not Angie) Featherstone and her website is:

Apparently, she hasn't released "Sweet Baby" yet, but probably very soon. She has released some great music, some of which has been part of other television shows.

"Stay" is quite catchy.
You can now download the song off of You just go to their FAQ page and then click on NBC music.