IFC channel commercial music


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There is this one commercial on the Independent Film Channel, for the "IFC", showing like a bunch of clips from different movies on the channel, and there is a music playing to it. It sounds almost certainly like Green Day, but, Ive gone through tons of Green Day songs trying to find it. Im not sure how to describe it, and didnt catch any of the lyrics. It usually always one in the 5 to 10 minutes between movies. Im not sure how old it is either. I heard it at the beginning of this month, and heard it last night, so it could have been on the channel for a couple of months now. Can somebody help me out?
it is green day! try track 2 off their latest album, american idiot
huh...i dont have American Idiot, ive only been going by whats on MSN music and such. Ok, thanks.