ID: "And You're Everywhere I Go"


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Hi all,
I recently heard a song that had "and you're everywhere I go" in the lyrics (and possibly the chorus). The singer was female and the song was soft rock and fast paced. That is all I can remember. Any help with IDing this song would be great.

Nope, it was not that. It was more recent and had an Avril Livigne-like feel to it.
isn't it.."AND YOU'RE EVERYWHERE TO MEEEEEEE...LALALALALA" ... if it is, then it's certainly the Michelle Branch song
Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger" has those lyrics...could that be it?

You're everywhere I go
And everybody knows
To love you
Is to be part of you
I wait for you with tears
And swallowed all my pride
That's what I was thinking

I looked into your eyes
and my world came tumbling down
You're the devil in disguise that's why I'm singing this song
Originally posted by katie0129@Aug 9 2005, 09:47 AM
"Everywhere" by Michelle Branch..that may be it
yea i think thats what it is too, cause it matches your description
Yep, it was the Michelle Branch song. Thanks and sorry for the confusion--I posted this topic about a month after I heard the song.

Thanks again.