Iams dog food commercial


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This is the Iams spot currently being run a lot (Feb-Mar '08). I can't give too good of a description because I have yet to see about half of it. I think there's a person running up some outdoor steps followed by a dog, maybe in slow-motion and/or black-and-white. What I have seen is artfully out of focus with the food product and bullet points layered over the footage. Unfortunately I can't find this commercial online.

The music is a happy, simple, jangly acoustic guitar with a teeny bit of a vocal coming in at the end. The tune is similar to 4 Non Blondes' "What's Up" (but it's not that unless it's a lite cover).
I saw it again, and it's in color and only some of it is in slo-mo.
It features a woman running and playing with a small dog...
I can't really tell what the woman's voice is saying at the end, but it sounds like "there I go, defend my name". That leads me to believe it's a real song.