I Need help finding a techno song !!!


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All i know is one line: "Because i gotta get down, because i gotta get down". It is a fairly fast techno song. I have been trying to find this song for years. Any help would be great.
Cant tell to well because its kinda an electronic voice, but i would guess male.
haha coolio shyeah right. I wonder what that guy is actually doing these days. I predict to see him on the surreal life soon.
Or I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.. or whatever that was called. Poor guy, I really thought he had a future. Same with Arrested Development.
I want a Segway Scooter like Gob, with the fanny pack on the handlebars and everything.
What about Timo Maas "To Get Down"?

The lyrics you posted don't match, but it's an electronica song and there was a mix done by Fat Boy Slim....
is it - Take 5's GET DOWN TONIGHT?

i just matched the lyrics. haven't heard of the song really.