I need help figuring out these two song's names


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hi everyone I was looking for these songs, but this is all I could remember from them.

The first one sounds like a rap or hip hop song. And All I remember was it going "we got he whole world" and maybe it said "nothing" after it. I heard it at the beach and that's all I remember from it. And no it's not we got the whole wrold in our hands :p It did pause between whole and world though for a second or two.

And the second is just a song that I still haven't figured out of what it could be. I've been searching for this song for over 2 years! It was a song play on (what it used to be called) blinkfm (102.7 fm) I heard only part of the song and this is all I remember. It sounded like Celine Dion and the only part I remembered was "kind of blue" It may not even be those words. All what I really remembered was it going "woahhhh woahh woahhh" or it was "ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh"

Hope someone knows these. And thanks for helping :D
The first song could be Outkast - The whole world.

not to sure about the second song.
Originally posted by Kahu@Oct 17 2004, 01:51 PM
The first song could be Outkast - The whole world.

not to sure about the second song.
OMG! THAT'S IT! YOU ROCK! I can't believe it if bugged me everyday and I didn't even think it would be outkast1 Thanks a bunch! I hope someone figures out the other one. :lol: Thanks a million!
A;right I knwo that this is an old topc now, but I have more information on this song I'm looking for. Please help me I really want to find this song!

Here's what I know:
  • I Somewhere in the song there's lyrics that go "woaaah woaaah woah" (or it could be "ooo ooo ooo")

    It's a girl singing with a quire in the backround

    It's a soft flowing rythem song

    Listen to genie in a bottle by Christina Aquleria to hear what it kind of sounds lie.

    It may be Clien Dyon or someone like that
Please I beg of you, help me! :cry:
Originally posted by StarFairy@Mar 22 2005, 03:23 PM
Could the second song be "Blue" by Leann Rimes? (Track 1)
That's what I was kind of thinking but I don't remember singing with a choir in that song.
:eek: :annoyed: What lol, no that's not it. The girls voice is deeper, and it's not country, it's kind of like blues/jazz/pop

good try though :eek:k:
I think I know what it could be. did it say "if all your told were turned to gold" "they say the sky high above is carabean blue"?