I`m on Allesse tune


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Anybody knows the tune for the ``I`m on allesse`` birth control pill ad that played on TV and movie theaters?
any clues on the music? lyrics? male/female voice? tempo, genre, etc...
It`s an electronica tune like Breath from Telepopmusik (mitshubishi commercial) but NO vocals. I would call it Ambient music, the tempo is medium.

The commercial is 3 or 4 hip girls go in a photo booth (like thoses one in shopping centers) one after the other, we look at them from the lens, they takes poses and say ``i`m on Alesse``. At the end there is a guy that goes in the photo booth all confused and says to the lens ``what`s Alesse?``
The music plays all the time in the background.
Hope that helps a little bit.
is this ad on US tv or Canadian? or elsewhere? I haven't seen it, so just wondering...
If you find the answer somewhere else, please let me know. I'd really like to know the answer too. Great music in that commercial