I Love the 80s Strikes Back


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I am looking for this song for my friend. It was on I Love the 80s Strikes Back(1986) on Vh1. Apparentley, it was playing during the Double Dare segment, but it is not the DD theme. I have not seen the show so I can't give anymore information.
do you think your friend can describe the song a little more? tempo, genre, etc....
I'm looking for this song too, the song has no lyrics (or at least the part they aired), it sounds kind of like chanting, and it goes something like this:

Oh weigh oh
weigh oh
weigh oh
weigh oh weigh
oh oh


Also, another song I've been looking for is on the very next segment after this one, I know Mariah Carey used the beat for her song "Fantasy", what I want to know is what the original song is.
about the mariah song, try this: Tom Tom Club’s “genius of love”