I know the song, now name the ad


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Tonight I listened to my Kruder & Dorfmeister "The K&D Sessions" CD for the first time in a while. There is a song on there that I recgonize from a recent commercial but I don't know which ad...it is bugging me now! The song is "Donaueschingen" by Rainer Trüby Trio (Pete Kruder remix). Amazon doesn't have an audio sample but I found a nice sample of the original version of the song here. This version is not too different from the Kruder remix so it might be the version used in the ad. The part that sounds most familiar begins at point 2:00 in the sample.
Maybe someone is looking for this song? I think the commercial has something to do with computers or money or office stuff...not cars.
Bahhhhhhhh. Still can't listen to a RAM file :angry: Haven't figured out why yet. <_<
Don't you have Real Player? The sample from buy.com doesn't contain the part of the song used in the commercial.
I never could get it to quit defaulting itself as primary over everything else so I learned to hate it. Then I uninstalled it. ;)

Does RAM File mean Real Player? Because I've been trying forever to track down the problem with my Random Access Memory(RAM) but I can't find one. :angry:
As far as I know you need Real Player to play an audio file with extension .ra, .ram or .rm ;
I don't know what .ram stands for, but that extension has nothing to do with your computer's memory
DOH!!! <_< Maybe I'll reinstall it. Doubt it though.