I Heart Huckabees

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Can anyone tell me what the song is in the new i heart huckabees trailer? I've can't find it anywhere, if anyone can help thanks. :rolleyes:
Do you know where I can find this song? Is it on an album or something because I can't find it anywhere. Thanks
Im A Apple.com/Trailers Addict OK So I Just Saw The Trailer For I Heart Huckabees I Love It It Looks So Funny/Odd But I Also Like The Song Used At The End................Any One Know?
I was told the song in the end is Jon Brion "Knock Yourself Out" but I haven't been able to find the song anywhere.
According to AMS/Neve, "Jon Brion has been scoring the film I Love Huckabees with engineer Tom Biller and assistant Dan Monti using Studios A & D."
The song at the end with "might be a test or it might not be... anything" is what I'm looking for.

It still wasn't answered. We want to know where to get the song, not who it's by.
you can probably get it on the upcoming soundtrack, which has yet to be announced and released, so cool your jets until then.
Is this song even on the soundtrack...? I might buy it but if anyone else here does say so because I want to know if the songs on it before i do so......
Some of the lyrics I could make out from the trailer:

While we're put
in this mess
is anybody's guess.

Might be a test
or if I'd not be anything you need to worry about

but if your still in doubt
go and knock yourself out.
Well All im buying this cd today or tomorow Im guessing its "Knock yourself out" Because That song isnt a jadakiss cover o_O "The power-pop of "Didn't Think It Would Turn Out Bad," the Aimee Mann-ish "Revolving Door," and the hauntingly beautiful "Knock Yourself Out" hint at Brion's seldom-heard, yet exceptional songwriting skills. --Jason Verlinde" o.o To my commen sence it if not "knock yourself out" Is one of those songs....and I'm sure its on this song is on the albumb...And the reason you couldent find "Knock yourself out" Is because the cd was just realeased this morning......FareWell All
i've been looking for this song for a week now, its in the second i heart huckabees trailer, the one that begins with the song "strange bath" by jon brion and then turns into a song with harmonies or singing syllabuls. it sounds like an awesome song and i just got the i heart huckabees soundtrack and im listening to each track and its not any of them so far.

please help me find this awesome tune that has eluded me for so long (one impatient week)
i'm also looking for a song from this trailer...(not knock yourself out)

if you go to apple.com and watch the trailer, i'm looking for the FIRST song, BEFORE strange bath, when they are talking about "time and space."

anyone know what song this is and if it is on the soundtrack?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know the name of the song played before "knock yourself out" on the I <3 huckabees trailor is. It starts right after Mark Whalberg is yelling and it is mostly guitar instrumental. I have the soundtrack but its not included... Just wondering if anyone has heard of it.

Thanks :D
I'm trying to find out what the second song is on the huckabees trailer. Its the one before "Knock Yourself Out". It is mostly a guitar instrumental and it begins after Mark Whalberg is yelling.

Found this information elsewhere -lots of people are asking.

2004-10-21 21:40 (link)
The song is called "Knock Yourself Out" by Jon Brion,
a guy who did music for other popular movies such as:
"Magnolia", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", and "Punch Drunk Love", in addition to "I <3 Huckabees".

Re-read your post -maybe you didn't want this one!Oh,well,it may help others.He did the sound track to the movie too.
That is not the song im talking about...I already have "Knock yourself out". I'm trying to find out the one before that were it is a guitar insturmental with humming or something of that sort. I'm sure that Jon Brion made the song but I can't find the title of it.