I can't find the name of this song. -- Answered


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While this is hardly an AdTune, it does involve music so I figure why not post it here.

The group who sings it is named "Mystique" or some variant of. I'm assuming it's some variant of, because I can't seem to find anything by a band of that name. The group seems to be composed of females only.

The song is named what sounds like "Damon" or something like that, but whenever I do a search online - I keep coming up with Matt Damon lyrics :angry:

It's upbeat, almost a hip hop sorta sounding song. I dunno - I suck balls when it comes to classifying music.

Anyone know what the hell I'm talking about or have I just been drinking too much lately?

There's a British group of (I think) three girls, named Mis-Teeq. They recently released their debut CD over here in the US -- maybe that's who you're thinking of? You can listen to audio samples of that album here.

If that's not it, what are the lyrics to the song?
only song I know of from misteeq is 'one night stand'
Found it.

It was "One Night Stand"

I used both the site you provided Michelle and heard it later on a radio spot again... and I was right about what they said the name was. For some reason, a member of the band inaccurately credited her own song as something else.