I am looking for great songs like these


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Ok, so i know that we all have different taste in music, but i think that groups of people that like certain songs tend to like similar songs.

I am looking to increase my library of music

here are some songs that i really like, if you like these songs as well, please tell me some other songs that you like and hopefully i'll like them too :)

I will try and keep them in categories:

bob seger: night moves
bob seger: turn the page
bob seger: mainstreet
eagles: take it easy

The weight - The Band
Poison: every rose has its thorn
Neil Young: keep on rocking in the free world
White lion: when the children cries
James Taylor - Fire and Rain
The Who - Behind Blue Eyes

Jimi Hendrix: all along the watchtower
guns n' roses: sweet child of mine
Guns n' roses: paradice city
lots of Aerosmith

Blues Traveler - It's All For You
Collective Soul - Shine
Eve 6 - Inside Out
Everlast - White Trash Beautiful
Lifehouse - You & Me
Live - Lightning Crashes
Shinedown - Burning Bright
Shinedown - Simple Man
Three Doors Down - Here Without You
Three Doors Down - Be Like That
Oasis All Around The World
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American


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bob seger- old time rock n roll
bob seger- hollywood nights
the eagles- already gone
the eagles- heartache tonight
joe walsh- rocky mountain way
joe walsh- one day at a time
joe walsh- lifes been good
jimmy eat world- the middle
jimi hendrix- purple haze
the who- pinball wizard
guns n roses- knockin on heavens door