Hyundai Tuscon "Ultimate Backpack"

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Hey ya'll! Well went see Collateral (sp?) the other day...Tom looks good with gray. But anyway, during the previews they showed a commercial for a Hyundai Tuscon...looks identical to it's brother the Santa Fe. Well anyway just need to know if anyone knows of the song played in the background. The commercial just had the SUV cruising and scenery changed with the beat of the music. Pretty nice. Music had a fun, rock, poppy flare...sorry best way I can describe it. Best I can do man, just saw it once.

Thanks in advance!
I was at the movies yesterday, seeing Paparazzi, and you know how those commercials come on before the previews start? Yes, there was one for an SUV, I believe it was a Tuscan, but I'm not 100% certain. The commercial was very fast-paced, and the song was sort of techno-beat. The lyrics I remember distinctly were "I like it like this, I like it like that". Please, if anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it-- thank you in advance!
Thanks ridzik - the song is called The World Is Made Up of This and That by Fatboy Slim.
Hey, does anyone happen to have seen that commerical and know that song? either the name or the artist would suffice.
Its kinda techno-dance genre and i believe basically the only words are
"a little bit of this, a little bit of that..."
Any help? Thanks All
Alrighty.... the new Hyndai commercial "The Ultimate Back Pack" I keep missing the vehicle model, but it's an SUV. The song is a catchy techno type ditty and I always seem to catch just the end of the commercial showing camping gear lined up and turning around the SUV in the middle... anyone know the song?

If I actually catch the ad sooner I'll try to post a better description. Sorry if it's vague. I've scanned other posts for Hyndai commercials but none are for this one.

Thanks all!!! :p
I can't tell if this is the same commercial from the X-Trail topic but it's driving me NUTS!!! The song has a sample that goes, "you may be doin' this, you may be doin' that" and, " a little bit of ___ and a little bit of ___". I am positive I have this song on CD somewhere, I thought it was Fatboy Slim or Apollo Four Forty but no luck. I KNOW THIS SONG! Can someone help me please?
You're absolutely right - it is FATBOY SLIM. Track is 'That Green Jesus'.
O.k. it IS Fatboy Slim but the song is The World is Made Up of This & That from the Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook Collection which I DO have on CD, I finally found it!!!!!! Yaay!!!!!
Just saw a Hyundai commercial where a cool tune is playing
I need to know who plays the song in the background
"A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That..."

Help please!
There's a car commercial (and I'm really sorry, but I can't remember what kind of car) in which some techno-sounding music plays while a female vocalist says lines like "A little bit of this, a little bit of that" and what sounds like "You can go with this and (or?) you can go with that."

The ad uses a lot of stop-motion, showing the seats of the car folding down and a bunch of people on a hillside doing various formations before snaking a line to the car...

I tried to run a search and found nothing, and a search for the lyrics (such as they are) brought back Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice," but I'm familiar with that piece, and that's not it... unless somebody did a less-impressive remake of it.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Who and what is this?

Added: I've been told there's another version of the ad, perhaps, that involves summer items like coolers and grills in stop-motion formations around the car.
I'm really desperate to find out the song title in the newest Hyundai ad. Its also a song in a movie, but i can't remember! It was only someone singing "doo doo doo..." in the commercial, in actuality it has lyrics too. If anyone knows PLEASE HELP!!
so what's the song for the ultimate backpack commercial?

'That Green Jesus'?
I'm new to posting here and I'm not looking to tick anyone off, but there are 2 Hyundai Tucson ads that use a hip-hop style song.

The "older" one is indeed the "The World is Made Up of This & That" by Fat Boy Slim.

However, the newer ad has lyrics something like what Dahlvang posted "A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That..." This song is definitely not "The World is Made Up of This & That" but I do not know who wrote the song or its name.

People are talking about 2 different songs in this thread and it seems some people don't understand this... I hope this post can clear that up a bit.

I still would like to know the title/artist of the song in the "newer" Tucson ad.

Originally posted by DaShiznit@Nov 4 2004, 11:55 PM
I'm new to posting here and I'm not looking to tick anyone off, but there are 2 Hyundai Tucson ads that use a hip-hop style song.
We're aware that there are two versions of the Hyundai Tuscon ad. The other ad is being discussed here.
I saw this Hyundai commercial with an awesome song. It's basically this constant beat, kinda like a good drum beat (sounds a lot like Fatboy Slim) can't remember a lot of it lol, I always see good commercials at night :p It might have a sax in it too and some base. It's not really slow, kinda fast pased but .... just sorta normal lol. The commercial itself mainly shows a lot of "stop-motion" effects like the camera is going around the car as it's driving but you see the weather/area style change every half second and these people on a showy hill like making a biiiig circle and spins around .... and all this camping stuff spread out in lines and spining around (looks a lot like that White Stripes music video)