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Anyone know whose music HP is using in their new Toys-R-Us commercial? The one that shows the the animals going up esculators, the doll waiting to catch a train, etc? Thanks...
I could have sworn I saw this ad with the music from Velvet Underground "Sunday Morning" but the ad on the HP site is different. Have you seen the one I'm on about? or was I drunk? cos I haven't seen it since! Adforum have it down as The Cure? they've got the wrong ad.
Thanks for the info... I would appreciate a link to the HP ad's as I can't seem to locate them. Thanks again.
Here Ya Go! Like I said though the one on the website isn't the one I saw, same visuals but different song.
I know the ad you mean. The song is not the Velvet Underground even though that is what is listed. Unless is song extended version of "Sunday Morning". Let me know if you find anything.
I think what probably happened with this ad, like some others, is that the royalties were not sorted out before the ad was released. On a few occassions this has happened before and they get studio musicians in to record a similar version to the original song thus bypassing copyright.