HP & Lenny Kravitz

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-A couple of months ago there was a commercial for HP technology that had a bunch of kids playing guitars. Every time the scene changed a different kid appeared, but they were all playing the same song. There were no words to it, but it was kinda catchy. The same song also appeared in a car commercial where a man and his wife go to this barn/store and the man automatically goes to a jukebox and plays this song. They instead buy a coffee table and the man hums the tune while they drive away.

-What was the song from the commercial Lenny Kravitz does for Target? He sings something like "where are we runnin' to?" It shows him playing different instruments like a guitar, piano, and drums while singing the same song.
The first one is "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple. The Lenny one I dunno.