How masculine or feminine are you?

:angry: I just spent forever taking this Simpons quiz. Well, doing it inbetween helping customers but it was 25 questions long and when I got to the end it too me to this page that said quiz score real big at the top and then just said this was out of 25 questions and did not tell me how many I had gotten right or wrong. What a complete waste. :angry:
You are a good Masculine - Feminine mixture

i think im starting to see a pattern here...
same for me too.
i guess all the a's are feminine and the b's masculine. people are too complex to be so one sided.

i read this quizz on MAD.

How attractive are you?
After a date:
A. Do you Get Invited?
B. Do you get A Kiss
C. Do your dates throw up as soon as they see you?

and so on...

The results were same no matter how you scored:
You are VERY attractive. You'll die unhappy and alone because nobody will even have the courage to talk to you...
You are BUTT UGLY. You'll die unhappy and alone. Please refer to the painless suicide guide below.