how do I do a lyrics search


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I have tried looking up lyrics search, identify song by lyrics, searching the actual lyrics etc. on google. I have tried many lyrics search engines but they are mainly it you know the song tittle. I want to know what the name of the song is with the lyrics "I'm not a alone it's just a silly faze I'm going through--I call you up--I've got your picture on the wall it hides a stain I'm hiding there"
funny enough, the song is "i'm not in love"...i think originally done by the band 10cc, although there have been many remakes. if the song you heard was sort of dance, drum & bass, then it might have been by olive :)

the lyrics are actually: "i'm not in love, so don't forget it. it's just a silly phase i'm going through
And don't use that many words, just use words that you think might be unique to your song specifically. Like, "hides a nasty stain" and then add the word lyrics tot he end.

"hides a nasty stain" lyrics

That'll get you your answer and lower your risk of searching for misheard lyrics.

edit: And yeah Steph's right, 10cc did the original and in my humble opinion the best one. :)
spelling out a word that doesn't sound like it should be also helps... Like the song might say "goin' through a phase" (or whatever it is) -- but you should search for "going through a phase" instead.
What part? I lived in Salt Lake. It was way cold. Not that I'm in a warmer place now. ;)
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I have a brother and two sisters living in Logan now. It's beautiful up there.
yes!! especially in the fall... when it's all sunny and green outside, surrounded by mountains capped with snow.
Thank you for the help Utah loving people. I had a feeling that I had the lyrics wrong because I just did not find anything. I am going to make some entrys on for misheard lyrics. Ive listened to to Arial Ramirez by Richard Buckner and I am hearing "do the white neck crawl till the hampers full". After a long time I got that it was till the hammers fall but I'm still not sure about the first part. My husband was really dissapointed to hear that the words to layla are layla not "heh love". Back to I'm not in Love: The house version of the some is the one I heard first not the original but I think they are both good.
Heh.. yeah when I was little I thought he was saying "HEY love!"
I found another site that lets you search by lyric phraze. It has an alphabetical list of artists. It has alot of artists listed but of course its not all inclusive.