House of Wax


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Does anyone know the song that's right when the credits start rolling?
Does anyone know what the very first song in the movie is? I think it was played during the opening credits.
Well, here's the listing of the songs from the movie--Perhaps one of them sounds familiar?

Wait wrong song sorry! Its

My Chemical Romance - Helena
It didn't sound like the My Chemical Romance song. I know that song was used in the end credits. Maybe it's the Prodigy one but I don't know. I listened to some clips from the soundtrack and I can't tell if any of them are the song I was looking for. I wish I remembered more about the song.
I'm not sure then, can u describe the song...? I think I know what it is. If u describe it, I could tll you! Thanks
House Of Wax

I want the rong played when Paris and her BF are about to have sex. Some lrycis are "the way you move your body baby, its driving me wild. Sexy and you dont even know it baby" Its a R&B/Hiphopish song sung by a guy. Thx!
I wnat the song played when everyone first gets to the campsite at night. It kinda sounds like the Killers. I didnt really catch any lyrics. Thx