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What was the rock music on Hotwire's commercial that starts in the taxicab?

It was on ER in San Francisco on April 1, 2004
This may be a different ad, but CNN has been running an airline Hotwire ad with some great surf type music and I am dying to know what song it is. If anyone has an idea, let me know! thanks
Hotwire had a press release about the commercial on their site and just said it was a Garage Band. I searched - but only came up with stuff about the old commercials.
Thanks MS,

I have been seeing the press release everywhere and checking all other ad music sites but so far I cant identify the band. Planning to email the McCann Erickson group who made the commercial for hotwire. They may be willing to cough up your song if you send em an email.

Good luck.
Nobody knows "nuttin" - the same response I got from HBO about the Aria at the end of last weeks Sopranos!

What gives?
Mr. Bootsy;

Thanks - I can't find the song - the MP3s were some other vocal-type music. I sent them and email - but bands don't ususally respond.
Hey Mr Bootsy, you got it right. They have a couple pages dedicated to talking about it. Maybe MS will be able to get them to tell us which song is in that commercial because its a fresh recording and most likely unavailable on previous album releases. Dont think either of the free mp3s they published on their site is the song in the commercial. Thanks so much MB!
I wanted to get a copy to use for my comparitive advertising class.

I got an answer back from the band - Looks like an automated response with a gig list etc. . Maybe they are not allowed to talk too much about commercial recordings.

I'm going to try again with Hotwire - I think they are in California.