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Looking for the the music source for the Honda Element commerical ( beatbox ) the commercial uses lego type blocks to build the car/ Thanks
Found via this article:

"Roman [Coppola] was very into capturing every little nuance and texture of the real camera’s movement; the process was analogous to electronica artists sampling real instruments in the real world to sequence digital music back at the studio."

Music Company: HUM/Santa Monica, CA
Composer: Rob Lopez
Executive Producer: Debbie Landon
Audio Post Company: Margarita Mix/Santa Monica, CA
Mixer: Jimmy Hite

So, it's an original composition done for the commercial...
I dont know if this has been discussed before, couldnt find it, so anyway here it goes.

It's a Maya render that has Lego bricks building a nissan element car.

Whilst a guy does mouth beatboxing to a slight bass/rhythm.

Any ideas what the song would be?
99% sure that it's an original composition for the ad.
Yeah, it's original. Did you do a search in the Forums? I found this earlier post about the ad.

Don't forget to change the search date, under "Refine Search" from the preset "30 days" to "any date."