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does anyone know the songs used in the ad for the new show, hogan's knows best on vh1? no lyrics...
"Portions For Foxes"- Rilo-Kiley
"Four Kicks"- Kings of Leon
First, I DID use search and those two songs aren't the ones I'm looking for. The song I want to know is from the commercials that aired up until the debut of the Celebreality shows and it kind of went "ooh woo ooh we ooh", etc. Please help.
i wrote 'hogan's'...i'm stupid!!!!
anyway, i wanted to know the songs in the ad for the pilot episode. i should have mentioned that but i didn't!!!!!
thx for the reply, though!!!
"Letter from an Occupant"
by the New Pornographers
on Mass Romantic
i think i finally know the song i wanted: the concretes' you cant hurry love, which was also used on one of the my fair brady ads
Did you want the "Everything Is Alright" song by Motion City Soundtrack that's featured at the very end of the My Fair Brady ads?
it was "you can't hurry love".
"everything is alright" sounds good, though!