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Well, it says to introduce yourself. I hate to waste a whole thread just on myself, but I guess that's what this forum is for. xD

I love music, and I've been on a one-woman crusade in my deadjournal finding songs on the radio and tv that I love. So randomly discovering this site tonight [I was looking up the JC Penny's song by Blacksheep (The choice is yours).] was a godsend. I am so completely addicted to another forum that I can't promise to become super active, but when I am around, I'll definitely be helpful. Check the posts I've made thus far tonight for examples. xD If you can find it online, I'll try my damndest to get you everything I can on the song. That's a promise.

As you can see by my sig, it's a total pet peeve of mine that someone would come in here and say "OMG I need song!111 LOLZ!" and just run off. xD I think that you should do everything you can to find the song before asking for help. Otherwise it's just pure laziness. The people who do end up finding the songs are just doing simple searches on google, yahoo [my engine of choice], or other engines or databases. Finding the episode of the show is sometimes a great start, hell even just throwing lyrics into the engine. It just bothers me that if I'm willing to spend my time to help look something up for you, something that might not even benefit me or interest me in the slightest, I'd like to think that you at least gave it ten or twenty minutes before you posted your thread. [This kinda shit happens on every forum, though.. you get used to it.]

I'm not as anal retentave about searching for threads to see if it's been answered yet, because sometimes search on forums is really quirky. But Jesus.. if there are three posts, almost in a row on the first page [ie. Sweet 16 AND Laguna Beach posts in one forum tonight], what makes you think that you need another post to ask the same question? Or even a related one? Just keep it all in the same damn thread!

Anyhow. That's my little rant, out of the way now so I don't end up doing it when I'm responding to posts. xD I'm not really that bad. I promise I won't act better or smarter than anyone. I hate people who are egotistical or snobby. Suu, yeah. I'm not. xD

Anyhow, I'm totally rambling [I use the word totally like, a lot. xD]. So thus ends this post.