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Does any1 know that song in the HIV/aids commercial. theres grls in a care havin a good time, and at the end it says sumthing like: this could be the night you get hivs or aids. " any1 know the song in it? its popish/technoy
is the ad associated with a specific website? if so, it might be online for others to watch.
Well, if you watch the ad "Taxi" at the site, it tells you that the song is by a group called NU. The song is called "Are You Havin' Fun" from their album "AlphaBravoShockpopDisco," (which hasn't been released yet).

Also, the ad "Photo Booth" uses the song "Everybody in the morning" by Lockdown Project

You can read about both ads here.

Edit to add: You can find the songs on the following albums, both available from UK Amazon -- AlphaBravoShockpopDisco and Lockdown Project.
Thank you! thats the song! but does any1 know where i can download it or sumthing????
We don't allow public discussion of downloading tips/methods, etc.
I'm looking for a track used in the Know HIV/AIDS campaign. The spot is called Couples and is available in RealMedia format on the campaign site.
wondering about this too... in fact their entire collection
I'm particularily interested in the bit from the couch commercial

link to all of the ads

I know that the "RecRoom" one is from the "Blonde Redhead" "Misery is a butterfly" Album - Track 1. (Thanks to Michelle for previous post)

It's a different campaign, though you did post on it before, it was the "Blonde Redhead: Misery is a Butterfly" album and the first song for one of the adds.

I was just wondering about the others. Is it the same group?

Please visit link or see my other post.