High Tension


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If anyone has seen the movie: HIGH TENSION --- there is a scene at the beginning of the movie that lasts for 1-2 minutes where the main character and her friend is driving in their car and they turn on this french pop song that is sang in french and it's kinda technoish, upbeat, and uptempo.. If anyone has seen this movie you should have no trouble knowing what song I'm talking about. If anyone knows the artist/title of this song please post + let me know. :D
Hey Dad, ur very lucky, i was looking for this song forever after i saw the movie, and I found it!!!! Its actually not in french, its in Italian. Sara Perche Ti Amo- Rocci.... good tune right there.
Is there a soundtrack available for this movie? or can anyone find a list of the songs used in them? because i thought the soundtrack ROCKED, i would definitely buy it.
If you like that tune in Italian....you may also like it in Spanish. It is also a GREAT tune. The name of the band that sings it is Los Tigrillos. The song is "Vuela que Vuela" I like this version much better.
I love the Muse song at the end of the movie. IMDB is usually pretty good about listing all the songs.
Yeah, that Muse song was incredible! And absolutely perfect for the moments in the film they used it in...wow. What a movie!
anyways i was watching the film and at the end i am really not sure who's singing the song, i think it's muse but i would like to know what the song is called. if anyone could help that would be cool.