High Fidelity


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what's that song when rob is in his record store and says to the other character "watch me sell three copies of the 3 ep's album by the beta band" he then proceeds to play a certain song for the customers. I checked the movie soundtrack and the only song listed by the beta band is "dry the rain" but when i listened to the sample of this song on amazon, it doesn't sound like the same song playing in that scene.


In the scene in the movie, "Dry the Rain" starts playing in the middle of the song, which you probably didn't hear in your sample.
Probably the best scene in High Fidelity. After Bob Dylan's "Most Of The Time" plays while rob is walking in the rain and Laura comes up in the car. After they talk and have sex and get back together, the song in the car is very soft and beautiful. What is this song? I guess it's part of a score but I didn't think High Fidelity had one. Help please?
- Are you refferring to the song that plays in the car AS they begin to have sex? Or are you referring to the song that plays while you see the first few days of Rob and Laura getting back together?

I am not sure of the song that plays IN the car, however there seems to be a very extensive list of ALL songs in the movie, not just on the album here: http://imdb.com/title/tt0146882/soundtrack

The song that plays while you see the first few days of Rob and Laura getting back together however, is "I Get The Sweetest Feeling" by Jackie Wilson

While I am here, the song I wanted to know about for a while was the song that plays in club which Rob Gordon is DJing when he first meets Laura (Wanna jump to the scene? It's at 36min 04sec into the movie).

It isn't on the soundtrack, but the song is "Leave Home" by The Chemical Brothers.