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hey, i'm from belgium, and i'm crazy about music from trailers, movies, games, etc

i like stuff like gladiator, troy, alexander,....

Hello there dragon boy. :) Or.. girl? :unsure:

Scythe is such a cool word, I'ma be using it all day now. Sssssiiithe. Ssssiiithe.
Welcome! All the way from Belgium, huh? I went there once, when I was 13. Don't remember much now... :unsure:
thanks for the warm welcome, everyone
i think you'll be seeing me quite often since i'm really really really into trailer music and stuff (like lacrimosa, oh god that's nice)

and no, dascoot, i'm not a girl

belgium's okay, axcept for the crappy politicians, crappy soccer team and so
and just out of curiosity, when you were 13, when was that exactly?
Aww we just missed your birthday. Happy (doing some math..) 17th!
lol, thanks

ya know, just by reading the responses to my introduction, i can tell that there are some people on this forum who could very well be more psychotic insane or just plain wierd than me
From Belgium eh? Sweet, I'm from The Netherlands :p Can you speak Belgium? You know, the funny thing is, Belgium and Holland have the same thing like Canada and America..... making fun of each other, but naaaah we shouldn't be making fun of each other! Welcome here :p