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Ok. Just to give you people something to do.

Drving back home the other day, and heard a song on the radio. Naturally, they dont tell who did the song, or even what the name of the song was. I kinda forgot the satation I was listening to also (not like that would help, as it was probally a local station). Anyways, I think its a fairly newer song. Not sure what ganre it would be considered as, but, it kinda sounded like Good Charolette(sp), or one of them new bands that all sound the same anymore. It was a guy singing though. Cant remember too many of the lyrics, as I was in my own little world at the time, but I do remember a certain phrase that was repeated every so often at te end of a verse in the chorus: "cock it and pull it". Dont know what that says about me if thats the only lyrics I can remember from it.

Anyways, doubt anyone can figure it out. Just posting it to maybe see if someone who has the lyrics to every song ever written memorized and coppied onto their hard drive, and could maybe point me in the right direction.
sugar we're going down - fall out boy
thats probably it
I bet you're right. That song sticks in your head after you hear it!
i only listen to dance, dance by them, i just punched in "cock it and pull it lyrics" in google and got it
Man you guys are good. I need to start making more of a challenge. lol. Thanks.

PS> Love that MC avatar...