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Does anyone know the song in the backround of the new herbal essences commerial?? it's a girl singing and it's kinda fast and happy....
I want to know what that is too. It's a commercial for Herbal Essences Citrus Lift.
I believe it's an original composition by the guys at Thwack! who also provided the music for the latest Trojan commercial.

View the ad here.
If you're talking about the one with the happy girl jumping and dancing with pink grapefruits, I wrote that song through a music company called The Lodge. :)

no the one on that website isn't the same song....it's like the same lyrics and commercial but the one on t.v is faster and sounds different... :huh:
Hey guys. well I really wanted to know what that song was aswell, so I went to IMDB.com and went to the message boards and asked around, adn eventaully figured out that it was sang by a new artist named Jadyn Maria. Unfortunately, i could not find the song anywhere, but I foiund her website : http://www.jadynmaria.com/ where you can listen to some clips from her upcoming Christian album. Rumors are that she is going to go into the "pop stream" so we should be hearing her pretty soon. If anyone canmanage to find the song from the Cirtus Life commercial though, I would love that.

"Hey babe let me give you a lift... Let it all hang loose, let it all hang high, just let you sprits fly, hey baby let me give you a lift..."



I'm not sure why you went to IMDB but I assume that you hadn't yet discovered the wonders of Adtunes!

Of course, if you'd found us first, you would have discovered that Jadyn Maria was responsible for the background track for a Herbal Essences ad which was originally aired a year ago...


With regard to the Citrus Lift commercial, jaredhunter has already made it clear that it is his composition.
Thanks Sophist!

WyCS0816, if you're still out there, I am still curious about the other version you heard....do you remember where you found it?

Jared Hunter, I think what may have happened is, if you go to http://www.thwak.com/, that this group may have also put a bid in or been in the running for the same job, but I'm totally just guessing here. For example, I remember hearing various artists' songs that were submitted for the Titanic soundtrack, (which were obviously not selected), but rather than waste perfectly good composition, these artists would include these songs on their own private albums.

Catchy tune, by the way! You go!