Her in my car--rap version


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One day i was at Dairy Queen getting some ice cream and a car drove by. I heard only a little of the song. it sounded like the cars song: "here in my car"

does anyone know a rap song that has this in it?

thanks :huh:
Somebody actually just asked about this the other day. That thread can be found here.
Do you maybe mean Gary Numan "Cars"?

Don't know what the rap song is though, sorry. I tried The Covers Project but no dice.

edit: Gahhhh I was beat.
Originally posted by dascoot@Mar 7 2005, 07:00 PM
edit: Gahhhh I was beat.
Ha! Too quick for ya I guess!

Honestly, it's not a remake at all. The hook is loosely based on "Cars" , but even the sample was redone from the original. It's kinda the same as saying that new song "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent is a remake of Lil' Kim's "Magic Stick." 50 Cent's hook is based on her song, but it's definitely not a remake...though it completely sounds like they infringed on her copyright. I only say this because it gave me a headache looking for an actual "remake" in that other thread. :nerd: :)
thats like.. a huge coincidence.. becuase i just randomly remembered it...

i think im the only one who cares.. but oh well.