Help With a Song

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Hello. I would really like to know the name to a song. Sadly however, I know very little about it. Aside from humming the tune, I believe some of the lyrics are either "maybe you were right" or possibly "maybe not tonight" something like that. Also, I believe that Rascal Flatts has a song that uses this songs instrumental parts but with different lyrics ( I think anyway) I apologize that I don't have any more details, but if anyone has any idea I would really appreciate input. Thanks

Update: The Rascal Flats song is called Fast Cars and Freedom. Anyone know another song that sounds like that? Or am I hallucinating?
sadly it is not. thank you though. i'm beginning to think maybe i really am after the rascal flatts song. but i was nearly certain i had heard the same music in a different song.
oh this is driving me crazy. the more i listen to fast cars and freedom, the more sure i am that i've heard the same guitar part in some other song that i can't find anywhere. does anyone have any idea?