HEY, im looking for that techno-trance song in the new commercial by Nissan introducing the new 350Z i think it is.. it shows several shoots of the car in black and white and some times ! and " " comes up and then at one point the ad says Word Fails.... im looking for that song on the background!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GOING MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this song is also on a similar ad where the evolution of the Z model is shown and at the end theres is a kid playing with a model of it!!!!!!!!!!! THX
I posted that same question last month, and while nobody knew the answer, Michelle did respond with:

"someone recently had luck finding the name of a song by emailing nissan. i've looked for this song/commercial you're referring to and haven't come up with an answer.

i'd suggest you try to email nissan. good luck!"

Of course I'm far too lazy to do it myself ( :mrgreen: ) but you could try it.. and your new friend Melissa (me) would be oh so grateful if you'd post any response you get. :D :wink:
The music was composed and recorded at Elias Music specifically for the Z commercial titled "deja vu".

this might be your answer... is it a just a guitar playing?

edited to note: the above is for the commercial of the "license plates" commercial...
If you want to see/hear the commercial you can find it at

then go to enter basic site, then click on work at the bottom, then commercials on the right, then m-z at the top and then scroll down to Nissan Looks. Click on that one and choose your video preference. That's the commercial we want the song from.

I'm guessing it's something done by eliasarts themselves, but if not I would really like to know what it is.