Not sure? Are you still having the problem? What thread are you trying to reply to?
wtf? You can reply here, but not at a certain thread? What error are you getting?
it comes up and says an error has orccured and i'm have no f***ing clue why !! PLEASE HELP ME if i got my account taken away can i please have it back i sware i'll obey the rules :( :( :ph34r: :( :(
If your account was taken away, would you posting right now?? ;)

Does it say something about Flood Control? If it does, just wait thirty seconds, refresh, then post.

If you are having a different problem, I am not an admin, so Michelle or JCA will have to help you...
If your account had been suspended, you would have been notified and given a reason. You wouldn't be able to post anywhere in the Forums.

If you get an error message, read what's written in the box below "Error on Forums" (or whatever message it gives you). It gives you a reason why you're getting an error. If that happens again, copy and paste that error message and send it to me -- that way I can understand what the problem is exactly and actually help you out.

If you try to post too quickly right after posting a message, you will experience our Forum's "Flood Control." This is for Forum security. As Andy already pointed out, you have to wait before you can post again. I believe the wait is 30 seconds.
sorry for waisting your time guys it's working i'll post another reply if it starts up again thanks for the help all you dude and dudetees............. just kidding :rolleyes: