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hey- does anyone know where i can get the music to an old 2001 toyota commercial for the "reinvented camry." I remember hearing it around september/october of 2001 and i could never find the music to it. During the commercial, a guy is walking at night and stops to look at a car. Next, you see various images like from a big soccer game and other things. At the end, you see the guy staring at the car again. The music is kinda like inspirational and its orchestrated. It has no words and it starts w/ a soft harp and builds to a big orchestra and then at the end it goes back to the soft harp. If anyone can find this i will be SO happy. Thanks.
Well, I didn't see an answer to that question back in the past Toyota threads. (You should use SEARCH to double-check.) Since it's an older ad using a classical piece of music (no lyrics to go on), it's difficult to say. I do know that Toyota has used original/comissioned pieces of music in the past.

Have you tried emailing Toyota and asking them? Even if you got the name of the ad agency they used to produce the ad - that would be helpful.
ya so unfortunately i've had no luck yet. i used search to double-check in the toyota threads and i didnt find what i was looking for. And i checked the Toyota site and they dont have an email adress for people to contact them so i guess ill just keep on trying to find the music. If anyone else knows what commercial i'm talking about or can help in any way, feel free :)