Help me please

Ok where'd you get that? :lol: Ummmm....I can't swear to it but it sounds like it wants to be Rossini. Something from "Barber of Seville" maybe?
What is it? Is it tied to anything or just a file you ran into?
well, I am russian, and i was just watching the russian sherlock holmes. And this is the theme song. Its pretty cathcy in the movie, not as a midi file. I had been searching, and stumbled upon this file, so this is what i linked to!
Originally posted by michelle@Aug 31 2004, 12:46 AM
Not really... There's just divisions for a reason, ya know?
"moving" as in :cry: :cry: :cry: get it?

Note to self: don't be a comedian.
The actual song is written by some famous composer, and made millions off of it from this movie.