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Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out a song I heard a while back the radio. The only thing I remember was at the end he says something like make it go away or take it away, so we can stay another day. I am for sure he says so we can stay another day. I have looked everywhere! I even e mailed the radio station they have no idea. They keep giving me all these other songs, but it's not it. Thank you all
Der! :huh: I don't know. Sure sounds familiar though.
Another thing! It has some strings in it. Now it sounds like Incubus or Saliva.
have you tried a google search for those lyrics? As a teacher i often have to try to find plagerists and the eaisest way i can is by typeing a bit of text and putting it in quotes. often i get a hit right away, if not i remove the quotes and then hit. Give it a try.
Ok I know this off the topic, but i feel like a desperate crack head. I heard it one night and the only lyrics I can remember is at the very end he sings

''make them go away so we can stay another day''


''take it away so we can stay another day''

It has some strings playing too. i thought it was incubus at first, but i have had no luck so far. Yes, I emailed the radio station and they have given me the wrong songs. Thank you guy I appreciate it. :(
I have tried everything! The only thing it gives me is east 17 stay another day. But I cannot find that song anywhere. I've tried Goggle, dogpile, yahoo, and lycos numerous times. No resluts. I appreciate it, if you can find anything at all please resond or emaile me at
LOL @ resluts.

The only suggestion I can make is that if you hear it again, write down the date, time, and station and look at, which is a real handy site someone posted about some time ago.. it's helped me out a lot with jazz stations that don't have lyrics to look up.
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I apologize. Ok I have tried that. But the only problem is this wong was played last thrusday. Not this past thursday. And They hav not played it since then. (referring to Thank you
Hi, just so you know. I found the song. Its Hobbastank Disappear!!!!!!!!!!!!