I agree with u there etardox22. I view this site as a sanctuary. When I want to feel comfortable I come to this site. It is useful for not just music but media. I love music though I wouldn't breathe if it weren't for music. I acutally want to send some money to the site. Have any of u ?
Some of us have, via purchasing cds and other stuff through the links, which gives the moderators a small kickback. I'm sure a monetary donation is more than welcome too. :)
O well that is even better lol. I will do that instead. I wouldn't mind purchasing one. I didn't realize that they benefited from the cds they had on sale at this site. Thanks for educating me lol. As if I can't read for myself right lol.
:lol: No problem, but hey don't let that dissaude you from making a donation too!!
Sure. lol I wish I had that motivation about paying my standard bills. :lol: