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I'm looking for a song that was used in the movie Hellboy. It's sort of near
the beginning of the movie. I found the soundtrack to the movie but I don't
think it was on it because it was like an alternative/rock band.
Does anyone know what the band/group is called and what the song is called?

Thanks for the help but those two songs were definetly not the one...
I can't remember exactly how the song goes...I just know I liked it.
I know it's sort of near the beginning of the movie.
It definetly wasn't an orchestral piece. More like rock/pop/alternative
sounding and I know it's not on the official soundtrack.

I hope someone can help me out. I don't think it was played on any
of the movie trailers. I only heard it during the movie.
i am trying to find the name of a certain song in the hellboy movie
i have found the soundtrack songs but not the one i am looking for
it starts when 2 people in white clown suits are kissing on a park bench any help appreciated
Dose any one know what other songs their are in the movie besides the soundtrack like i know breaking Benjamin dose so cold in the movie and theirs Pete yorn doing red right hand
Thank you leone i have been trying to find the name of one song for a long time it was their

"Breathe In" by Paloalto
I've asked for help on this song 3 years ago and no one could answer it. I watched the movie again and the song is played where Hellboy steals beer on Halloween night while all the kids and teenagers are out trick or treating and partying. This song continues to plays while Hellboy visits Liz at the hospital. I was able to catch a few lyrics so here they are:

Would you stay home? How do you feel.
That's all I got.
Anyways, I hope someone can help me out this time.