HBO "I'll Be There For You"


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HBO "I'll Be There For You"

Looking for artist and title of commercial i saw on hbo or hbosignature. Montage of 6 feet, the sopranos, etc. The words going across the screen were "I'll be there for you." A lady was singing-kind of jazzy sounding and the only lyrics i remember are her singing "i'll be there for you...i'll be there....." Would love to get title and artist of this song. Thanks for any help!
Okay, I haven't seen the spot, but if the song was very percussive and had strings in the background, it could be I'll Be There by the Weekend Players.

Here's some sample Lyrics:

on a rainy day
troubled and lost your way
with things going wrong
and the day is long
or when you take a wrong turn
get your fingers burned
and when your losin' ground
lost the day and don't know what to do

i'll be there for you
i'll be, be there
i'll be there for you
i'll be, be there

... that sound right?
:D YES YES YES I just checked it on Rhapsody-that's it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
Does anyone know who sings the new song in the HBO promos? Its the "For You" ad, and the lyrics are "I'll be there for you" or something like that.

And no its not the song from "friends" its a different "for you" song. If anyone knows please help me! Thanks. :blink: :huh: